Here at Bacon & Butter we believe in hands on, artisan cookery. Our cuisine is California farm-to-table.  We cook our dishes from scratch and each plate is made to order.

We serve an award winning serve a farm to fork breakfast, brunch and lunch.

We shop at local farmers’ markets and try to source as much as possible from local farms and vendors. We also choose humanely raised, sustainable meat providers like Beeler’s for our pork and beef products.  Our menus are determined by what is seasonally available (yes, that might mean no tomatoes in winter :)

bacon & butter is run by our Executive Chef and co-owner, Billy Zoellin. Chef Zoellin, who has been featured on the Food Network, studied culinary arts at American River College and trained under some of the finest chefs in the Sacramento area before opening his own restaurant in midtown in 2012 and then moving the restaurant home to the Tahoe Park neighborhood of Sacramento in October of 2014. bacon & butter has been awarded the Michelin Plate award for last three years running.

about the bacon & butter name

We’re often asked: “Since your name is bacon & butter, does that mean that everything on the menu has bacon and/or butter in it?”

The short answer is no, our chef prepares a wide variety of dishes for our changing menu, including some vegetarian and lighter plates :)

The restaurant name actually came from idea that if you do something really well, it’s called your “bread and butter”. 

So when brainstorming names for their new restaurant, co-owners Billy Zoellin and Amber Michel wanted to improve on that and thought what’s even better than “bread and butter”:    bacon & butter

A quote from The Sacramento Bee:


Sactown Magazine says we have the “World’s Best Pancakes”

World's Best Pancakes

bacon & butter on broadway

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