bacon and butter opening

bacon & butter set to re-open in Sacramento by the end of September 2014

You may have read in Sactown Magazine that we were set to reopen on Saturday, September 27.

We’d love to be open by then, but that estimate will end up being few days off.

We are SO close though. How close, you ask?

Let me show you how close with this handy bacon forecast chart.

bacon and butter opening


Stop by next week and say hi (and grab a bite).

PS. Please continue to be patient with us as we get things back rolling again. We’re very excited to be able to serve you again! As we’re welcoming you into our new home, our servers and staff will simultaneously be getting used to the new space :)

3 Responses to “bacon & butter set to re-open in Sacramento by the end of September 2014”

  1. So glad you are moving even closer to me! Thanks. Can’t wait until you open up, which looks soon now.

    You will be amazing close to Sac State. Great breakfast crowd there for sure.

    See you soon!

  2. Went by there today at 8 a.m. Dark as a tomb. What’s up?

    I enjoyed your efforts on 21st st., even though the time-share arrangement with the night club was less than ideal. Hope you do open. I and a host of my friends are breakfast fiends. (Most important meal, etc., etc. . . .)

    If you can get your act together, there’s a real niche for you here. I’m pulling for you.

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